lalalalalalalala OMFG A MONKEY

Ok, now that I have your attention, I wanted to say hi. I don't know what to write about. But here we go!

Honestly I don't know what has been going on with me lately, I seem to just be very down and disappointed about a lot of things. Maybe I just need to become more positive? Maybe I need to realize that some things that I do are just stupid and that I should just get over it. Maybe I need to trust people more, because I feel like I do trust people. And yet I feel as if I need to prove that there is no need to judge me in a bad way. I feel as if I need to prove to people that I'm not as "loud, and obnoxious" as many people think of me. I don't need to do that though, I mean really I don't diserve such treatment. And when people treat me that way they are really making themself look stupid for how they are judging on how I/ people acted in the past. Narrow minded eh? I honestly don't think I'm that horrible a person. Everyone makes mistakes, and everyone does stuff wrong. So am I a horrible person because I'm more outspoken about things then other people?

Isn't it bravery if someone speaks up and says something instead of sitting there just like the crowd? Or why is it that some people can speak up because they are socially accepted, and yet other people who are not as "popular" or accepted try to say something they are persicuted and told that they need to be quiet? Isn't this suppose to be a free country and people to have freedom of speech, and yet people are told to be quiet because they are not socially accepted? Why does it matter if people like you or not? Why does it matter how people see you? Because it affects how your treated and what you are able to do in your life.

Why don't I trust people? Because what is the point of trusting people who I know will hurt me in the end? And that my friends is also the reason as to why trusting people is so hard for me. Because I feel like I will eventually be hurt in the end. But when someone says something to me, why don't I believe them? Why do I harp over something said to me? Because I feel like I trust the person who says it, but I don't trust the people who affect it. Which is stupid of me. If someone says they will be there, or something will happen. I should believe them, not because its the nice thing to do, but its the logical thing to do. What honestly is going to change them from what they said they would do? Nothing. Unless its their choice to change. Like its my choice to trust more, and believe people more. Not because I had things happen to me that made me change, because I decided I want to change. To stop being stupid, to stop causing stupid things, and to stop pointless drama.

I'm gonna edit this later, Let me think more on it.

I like purple, so my edit is going to be in that color. Ew that was like.. pinkish purple. Blahhh! Anyway back to what I was saying. I need to realize what I have been doing, and how it affects me and how I treat people. Why do I need to be ridiculous, and crazy when I know that I trust the people I know well. I don't understand my own actions, and I need to stop being so stupid.

Overall people suck, and I have been stupid recently, where I need to understand and realize that I need to trust. More then I have for a while.

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  1. I am disappointed in the distinct lack of primates in this post.

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