Ok, Ok, I know I have been bad.

Sorry for not updating in so long, I know its rediculious. But I just have been off about a lot of things. I'm slightly stressed out, and I don't know the complete reason why. I just wish I could do a lot more, then what I am actually doing. But its rather hard for me to do that. I just wish I could do so many things, and I envision so many things. But for some reason I just.. can't do it. its getting me all very down and hard on myself, which isn't fun. I'm just in a bad mood plainly. I feel like I'm failing and behind in well.. life. and I seem to be getting alot of crap from people. And I don't feel like I did anything to diserve it.

Overall I'm very...... blah. Not sleeping well and everything. can't seem to fall asleep.

Ok I'm back! Sorry.. I wrote that when I was, well obviously down. I have lately been very up and down with my emotions, and yes.. I am a girl... and no its not because of THAT reason. Its just.. I am thinking probably more then I really should. I'm better currently. I'm getting more on track of things, and it makes me feel a lot better about things. I currently have a soap opera that I need a title for. It is about high school drama, and soap opera stuff, and no.. sadly no brain transplants.... Shaw wouldn't allow it. Sadly. Anyway, if you have any ideas, tell me and I will take them into consideration! Sorry for the lack of posts, I will definately give you more later, I will try and have philisophical conversations with Spencer. Talk to you all later non existant readers.. except that one that loves me!

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