Honestly lately I have seemed to notice, how.. ADD I am. I do not seem to have the ability to focus on doing tasks very well. I don't understand what is wrong with me. I just seem to do other things without even thinking about it! I don't think I even realize what I'm doing half the time, and when i do I'm like.. oh whatever, when I need to say to myself "No I NEED to focus, can't be stumbling!" because I am realizing how ridiculous my procrastination is for the simplest tasks. An example being, I got home, and for some reason was extremely tired, and so I decided to take a small nap, considering I didn't have a giant amount of work to do. So I napped for a bout 3 hours, and well lets just say... When I woke up I was groggy and reluctantly decided to then do my homework. I only had to re-do a drawing for my Drawing 1 class, as well as do a few math problems. Not bad! So I found my drawing board, and was wondering where my original drawing was, because the reason I was redoing it was because I couldn't find the original. It turns out that my original was just clipped to my drawing board, and I didn't have to do the drawing again. Yay, thats good so i don't have to draw for half a hour. But instead of immediately doing my math, I sat there, and doodled on my drawing, and the picture here is what I did. (its backwards because i took it with the photobooth program). So now in the upper right hand corner I have a drawing of myself, at a desk, drawing. Clever I know, but its just how I am. And yes I know my drawing in general looks like a blob. But its a peice of crumpled paper. And now that I think of it.. I didn't put the shadows of the paper.. I don't care, whatever. I for some reason manage to do rather good in my art class, I have an A in the class, and I don't honestly do a great job in the class, I just listen to what she wants done.
So I am still tired, even though I slept an extra 3 hours, which makes no sense. But yes.. I procrastinate. I'm very bad.... Very Very bad. Lets see if I can work on it a bit more..

Side note: Miley Cyrus sucks, and her songs are overplayed wayyy to much. "Moving my hips like.. yea.." Giving me a headache like Duh.

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