Lets blow things up!

Today was very very very very stressful, but it turned out to not be as bad as I thought! YAY! Tomorrow is my "easy" day at school so I'm happy. I'm getting really tired of people who are evil and think to themselves. " Hmmm... Grace is really really stressed out, so I'm going to be as evil as I can just to bug her and stress her out MORE! MWAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAH!!" Its just cruel, and mean to me. Why do you people do it to me! T_T I don't get it! Anyway I was extremely stressed out, because I had my project due today, but it turns out that I didn't have to present until later on this week, which means there is now a happy Grace. And it also turns out that my paper wasn't due, which makes me annoyed. But happy that I got that done. I hate school. I hate it so much. GAH! its so annoying.

What am I doing the rest of the day? I am chilling, doing a bit of work, and wanting to slam my head into the ground because I am tired. I almost fell asleep during math class, I really was yawning, and nodding off quite a bit. I looked around at one point, and saw that a few other people were almost nodding off as well. So my head hurts, and I want to sleep, but other then that, I'm all good. I am now gonna go home, and do some stuff. Maybe sleep at little bit today! I want food.. now that I think of it...

Anyway, to the title, I came into the video production room, and saw that someone was using special effects to blow up a barn, I thought it pretty cool. Oh and I was being a pyro during chemistry class by continuing to lite matches on fire. Lets just say I used about 20 different matches, because I was bored. Now, I'm bored, my shoes are shiny as Spencer just told me, and I am gonna go get food. Yum Yum I want foooood!

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