Lets get it done!

^^^^^ Those, Undefined. I hate them. I love the layout, but holy crap, I hate those. ANYWAY! This is my 2nd post, to respond to my first one. I feel as if I'm having a conversation with myself, and that just seems stupid. Blah blah Grace your this.. blah blah No I'm not! Your this Grace..
Its weird. Anyway I'm tired, and very off topic if you can't tell. I have done numbers 1,2, and 7, fully on my list of what I need to do. as well as most of numbers 3 and 4. So non existent readers, I am sorry so far I have failed you!

So I officially hate writing papers. Let me just tell you, I need the internet for both procrastination ( like I'm doing right now) and also for information. My genius self have yet to go stumbling around the internet (www.stumbleupon.com) . Because I have two topics to read about, and two web browsers. Thus, James Longstreet is Safari, and The Battle of Antietam is firefox( why won't people just call it firefox, not mozilla, the name of the program is firefox!). What I have done instead of work on stuff would be:
Talk to people
Take a few pictures
read MLIA (Mylifeisaverage.com)
Watch part of pretender.. but then I fell asleep. ( I wish there were arrows so I could point back to the beinging of this list)
Write this blog
Eat a bit more
braid my hair
play with my puppy dog
draw a picture
and many many more.
Lets just say, I'm very bad when it comes to focusing on things. My brain just stops and decides.. yea I hate you right now, your not gonna focus!

Side note: What is with the radio commercial about family dimonds making a proposal so much more special. "It almost was more important to me then the proposal" is what the girl is practically saying. I feel bad for that guy.

So yea, this is my pointless babble. Fairwell nonexistant readers!

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