Latin Convention ( I wrote it on the way home on the bus)

Today I had a day of Latin, I’m gonna complain, tell you funny things, and then also tell you about how JCL is amazing.

Complaining: Today I have had a headache all day, I have not had a time where my head does not hurt. I have taken I-Bee (ibuprofen) twice today and I am going to take another dose in a few minutes if my head still it hurting as bad as it has been. I don’t know what is wrong with me. Maybe I have a migraine or something, but my temples have been pounding. Oh just took my third dose of I-bee. Anyway my head has been killing me so much today, coughing (which I have been doing a lot) seems to make it hurt worse, as well as being around people in Latin who seem to think that yelling everywhere they go is a great idea. My head hurts, really bad.

More Complaining: I was bitched at. Again, and it bugs me. First of all let me tell you that my phone is broken, it does not work with the front keys aside from the options key and the call key. So aside from those the others have malfunctions to them. Other then that I also have found out that my phone does not work on vibrate. It now will only be on silent, or ringer. Which is horrible for me, but it hasn’t been working for a while. Anyway back to what happened. I was texting once during the assembly at the Latin convention, to ask my friend Evan from a different school if he was in Latin, and if he was there. Because I miss him and Sarah got really pissed off about it. I didn’t think about it because it wasn’t like I was texting some random person for no reason. And I apparently continued to piss her off because I barged in on a picture behind her and I leaned on her. Whatever I don’t care. Anyway, I blew it off but people started treating me kinda.. bad. By ignoring me and not listening to anything I had to say. As I continued to go to the testing, I went into a room that had everyone’s stuff in it. It was the designated room for my school. Anyway I was in there for testing because at Latin conventions have you take tests to find out your knowledge. During the testing in our room, there was a phone vibrating near some people’s stuff during the whole testing. And then I had a F’n senior come up to me afterward to tell me that I have to turn my phone off because it was MY phone that was vibrating during the testing… Which is kinda bullshit, because well my phone doesn’t go on vibrate. So I told her so, and she got all pissed off at me, telling me I need to turn my phone off. My reply being that I can not turn off my phone, because then I would have to physically take out the battery and keep them separated. ( Remember my buttons don’t work on the front of my phone). From that she got even more pissed off. And I finally said f it to the whole conversation. Then the rest of the whole convention she continued to be pissed off at me, and so did other people who are her friends, causing more pointless drama. I even said to Cody at the beginning of the testing “Oh someone needs to put their phone one silent, that’s going to get really annoying really quick.” CLEARLY everyone in the room had heard me.. but yet again pointless stupid drama.

Funny thing: While I was at the convention I met some people from another school, which is great, because they were completely awesome. And I met a girl named Sam, as well as a guy named Jesse, and Eric( aka Chan). They are really awesome people, and it was funny because my neighbor named Tom came up to us, and I introduced Sam to him as Bellatrix (like Harry Potter), and Tom was like, “Oh! That’s really cool!” after asking me if I was serious, and I said yes. As we continued on he continued to believe that her name was Bellatrix to in the end ask me before we leave if her name was really that. I told him no. He had believed me the whole time that her name was that, from Harry Potter. That was really funny, and amusing to me.

JCL is amazing: Without a headache, I probably would say I had the time of my life tonight, because it was so ridiculously fun in the end. I got talking to a few guys, and then to Sam and a girl named Hope. They were damn cool people. And I love meeting new people, they don’t judge me like other people in my school do. I have to deal with that a lot. JCL is kinda like MYL in the sense that people won’t judge you very easily, the only big difference between the two would be that MYL you don’t have to deal with stupid drama and people from your school, you just have amazing people accepting you within a matter of seconds. I love MYL and JCL.

Hope I amused you my nonexistent readers.

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