Being busy is stupid.

I am officially tired of being busy. I have been working like a crazy person and I have decided that I am not ready to be an adult. I would much rather watch DailyGrace all day, eat gummy worms or something along those line or munch on some lobster.

I have been working at my local target and I love being there. It is a great place to work. The pay is pretty good, the people are super nice, and if there are any problemos it is easy to take care of them. But I am just so tired of working. I am really not used to being an adult yet. I mean I might be technically an adult but I really just want to sit around doing nothing, like I have been doing today.

I don't know why I feel so busy but then again college is coming up and that is really making me stressed out. I'm going to an awesome college with some awesome people who I have already been talking to on Facebook. I'm like in love with one girl who is going to be living two doors down from me, because she is almost my twin- mentally.

In addition to this twin being awesome she has shown me my most recent addition, which is DailyGrace. I love her so much, she is freaking hilarious and makes me happy. We have almost the same personality and in addition to that she has the same name as me.

The resultant of me loving her so much has made me view her videos like these:
My personal Fave:

And then the 2nd best one ever:

'Chuting is amazing.

Anyway because of my new found obsession with Dailyhasanawesomenamethatisthesameasmine.

I have started a new blog. Dedicated to DailyGrace happenings in my life.
That is the link. Watch it. Subscribe. Read.

Eating Habits.

Eating is a thing humans do hopefully every single day( I say hopefully because I know that some people have eating disorders which is nasty business.. Anyway) Recently eating habits has been brought out in my life. HOLD IT IMMA BURN MY GRILLED CHEESE!

Nevermind it is all good. Anyway as I was saying food has been a big topic lately. For some reason there is being more and more news about food and people eating unhealthy food, at least that is the feeling I keep getting with this new law being passed about calories on menus.

Now that food is the topic my question now arises. What causes people to eat what they eat and why don't they eat certain things?

Vegetarians don't eat meat. Some cheat this by saying fish isn't meat or chickens because it isn't red meat, or even crustaceans So technically to some vegetarians there is only one type of animal that people eat which is red meat.. Which makes no sense at all. Then there are those extreme vegetarians who surpass the title of vegetarian and gain the title of vegan. (Where did this word even originate from? Did they think because it is vegetarian without the stuff in the middle they took out the 'etari' in vegetarian to make vegan?)
I respect vegans. A little bit more then I respect vegetarians. Being a vegan means true dedication. It might not be 100% healthy for their systems but all the same I still respect them.

Then there are those who eat EVERYTHING. Trust me when I know these people. I work at target in the food avenue. (which is technically pizza hut and all..) I stand behind the counter and I don't even eat half the things that we sell. I have people order items that are so extremely bad for them I don't understand how their bodies can take it. I had a child as me to put the nacho cheese on his hot-dog for him. (I am personally bias against hot-dogs in general so this might seem more outrageous to me.) In addition to that and a few other things he got I just didn't understand how he could eat that much food, and how his body could withstand that many calories.

We recently put up the calories on our menu board and so far nobody has seemed to notice that a combo of pasta, breadsticks, and a soda is approximately 1400 calories. The average person should eat about 2000 calories per day to be healthy. They just ate over half of the calories that they should eat in one sitting.

But then aside from those who limit their food because of morals, and those who don't limit in any matter there are those who are on a diet. Honestly I didn't think that dieting would be healthy for your body. But these people are so far the best people to serve food to. This is because when they buy things I don't feel horrible about how much food they are eating. Nor do I feel bad about not having a large amount of food that they can eat because most things that we sell have animals in them.

People overall need to watch how much food they eat. It is just crazy how much crappy food people eat. Now now if you see me sitting there eating foods that are not good for me and high in calories. I am a good exception. I don't eat much food in general and when I do eat I normally eat something high in calories, but not a huge amount of it. I don't remember the last time I fully finished eating one of those pasta dishes alone. I have eaten one thing today, and I probably will not eat again until later tonight during my break at work. sounds bad? I know.


Ok, this is my second attempt at this post. Why? Because the post before was absolutely horrible. Anyway. I have an undieing love for the instant messaging program called skype. I find it an absolutely amazing program and I hold it close to my heart (just like some people are with their Ipads). It is an amazing program that allows people to instant message, video chat, audio chat, and send files with ease. It is like the better version of MSN, and AIM, in my personal opinion. It is completely amazing. But alas my undieing love might actually come to an end. This is because the newest beta version of skype came out recently, and I must say I highly dislike it. It is in the danger zone.

What is the danger zone you might ask? Well. In Grace talk the danger zone is when they start to take away the different features in which I love that the program has. Example, AOL aim, I would use often, but once it got to the stages of having one instant message window for all. I hated it and it became danger zone. I switched to ichat soon after, which was a relief but sadly aim for me is no more.

Anyway Skype is changing a lot of things, for the worse and for the better. I think that the skype people need to realize that the old version of skype is completely awesome and there should still be the classic version of mac skype, that has the newest features like group video chatting. Otherwise this will really bother me. I highly dislike not being able to change the size of my conversation windows, as well as having my contacts on the same window as my chats. I feel like the program is slipping more away from ease of use but to simplicity which causes usage problems. It might be because I am such an active user, and I dislike massive change in my programs.

I feel mean to skype today, to be honest though. Because I just sit there and am sending them more and more response things which are small things, but then I connect a small thing I dislike to another thing that isn't working which causes a big problem. I just feel like I am harassing the skype employees.

But it is their job. I honestly just wish they would hire me to test out the programs because I am a teenager still, I am able to change things for the better. I know how teenagers think and we are the future. If you want your programs to flourish get the teenagers involved. Have them honestly test out the products, because we are the future and we are the ones who will eventually cause things like AIM to go out of fad and no longer used.


After reading the books, and watching 2 of the 3 movies currently out. I have officially decided my opinion of Twilight:
Twilight is the worst piece of crap I have ever read and the biggest waste of my time. Anyone who is a serious twilight fan makes me shake my head with disgust.
Ok. So first if you are one of those few who have not read or watch twilight please pat yourself on the back right now. Second I will give you a short explanation from a bias point of view what happens in twilight. Bella( Described as a girl with mousy hair and a olive coloured skin tone who is very self contentious, not very popular, and insecure with everything about herself.) moved in with her Dad after her mother marries another man. While going to school she meets the Cullens( A family of vampires.). The Cullens have a "son" in the family named Edward( Described in the book as a man who has a subtle beauty to him with pale skin that some women would have died for in the 1800's.) Edward at first doesn't like Bella because the smell of her blood taunts him, and being a vampire he wants to suck her blood. Eventually they fall into a petty teenage "love" where they want to be together but because he is dangerous to her he leaves her to be alone. While alone Bella falls again for another "beautiful" boy named Jacob( Who happens to be a werewolf.). From there on there is a continue of who she is going to pick, Jacob or Edward. In the end she chooses Edward, he gets her preggo and as the baby slowly kills her other vampires go after her life, and when she gives birth Edward changes her into a Vampire and the baby survives and they live happily ever after.

My reasons for highly disliking the books:
The plot takes advantage of the teen girls who believe they are in love with a strange and different man. It also takes advantage of those who are depressed, suicidal, and immature girls who believe that telling people their "suicidal" thoughts will get them attention.
The book is slightly well written except for the fact that the whole book needs to have ... in... between... each... word... because... that is the impression they author is apparently trying to convey with the movie. The book though does not have any actual plot.. wait back that up, it does have a plot. But the plot takes the thoughts of a teenager, who wants to have sex with a vampire and a werewolf, and explodes it into sparkling men, and girls who will have adrenalin rushes to imagine that the one they love cares. The whole book gives the impression that nobody is going to like Bella but as a matter of fact she has an admirer by the 5th chapter of the book.
The book overall does not make sense and the 4th book just makes me want to go throw up with how she becomes pregnant and then the baby is slowly killing her. I just find that screwed up.

The reasons why I didn't like the movie:
First of all, all that has been spoken of about the plot for the movies/books still stands. I don't like it, and it takes advantage of young girls and their innocent minds. Second, I absolutely hate that the characters descriptions from the book took a complete turn and they just said "screw the book we just want people who are ugly." Robert Patterwhatshisname should not be in the roll of Edward. My first reason is he does not look like he is suppose to, and my second reason is that he looks like a foot. You all know this opinion is completely true and you are even nodding your head that he does in fact look like a foot.

Bella also does not look like a mousy girl with olive skin tone. I don't understand. Whoever did casting for this movie did a absolutely horrible job.
Another thing that really bothered me about the movie was that randomly when Bella would be standing there she would get out of breath. Maybe that is just bad acting, or it is what she was directed to do, but I feel like she should have at least ran somewhere before you got out of breath. Another complaint I had of the movie was that for some reason nobody, but I believe the dad, could reply like a normal person. I have a feeling the script was written like this... because... that... is... the... only... way... they... could... have... had... a... 2... second... delay... between... each... word............................ The movie got really annoying when you would sit there for what a normal conversation would take 2 minutes, took the movie 10 minutes to portray. I don't understand it at all. It still makes no sense to me.

I have a few more reasons I highly dislike twilight, but alas I am extremely tired and I am going to sleep. I might add more later when I am in a ranting mood.


So I'm going to Greece. Exciting huh?! I am really excited to go but I have a few things I need to think over before I go on my trip. Most of the preliminary thoughts are already taken care of, this is because I was suppose to go to Greece in April, but alas I could not because a freaking volcano erupted. You see all that ash? That is what stopped me from boarding my flight and going on my merry way to a different country. Away from small town Maine. Anyway!

I already have figured a few things out, which would be camera memory cards, and batteries, and even converters for my camera battery charger. I have all those things figured out. But a few problems in my mind have come up because of the change.

In April the weather is a nice sunny and warm temperature, not a hell and not a blizzard. But I am now going in August. Guess which of those two I am probably going to face while I am in Greece. Hell. Checking the weather now, 6 days in advanced the weather for the 10th-14th so far says approx. highs in 94˚F and lows in 75˚F. The highest Maine has had this summer was approx. 87˚F with humidity. Thankfully though while I read the weather I look and smile, because it says that it should not be humid AT ALL. I would much rather have a dry heat, then have a really hot humid time. Humid is not my friend nor will it ever be my friend. I am not looking forward to such heat.

Another concern that I have would be is my clothing. Because of such great heat that I will be dealing with, I don't know if I have the correct clothing to wear. Being a person from Maine I don't really know the full effects of things such as mid ninety degree (f) weather. But I also do not know the effects of a dry heat, that I really am praying to have no humidity, yet again humidity is not my friend, nor will it ever be. I don't feel as if I have enough shorts to be comfortable on the trip, and my mother keeps saying to me that I should wear the dresses that we bought. Yes I want to wear the dresses, but I don't want to wear a dress every single day that I am there. I would also like to wear shorts I am comfortable in, and not shorts that are considered "short shorts." Ah clothing, why must it always be on a chick's mind. I do not want to be a tourist, who is sweating their balls off in pictures. This does not look good. Exibit A would be to the left. And exibit B would be to the right. I do not want to look this way. I do believe I might pack one pair of pants, but that is just in case I absolutely need them, as well as sweat pants that I do believe is completely necessary.

Another concern that I have is if I am bringing too much stuff. I feel like I might be bringing a rediculious about of things, as well not bringing the things I need. I don't know what type of clothing to bring but I am going to try and look at it realistically and say "Am I really going to wear this?" I don't want to bring an excessive amount of cloths with me. I do believe that I am going to take my mother's bag instead of my own with me to Greece. This is because the bag holds a CRAPLOAD more than my bag does. BUT also because this bag has a lot more compartments then my bag. I really want to try and stay organized while I am there in Greece, because most of the time I am looking through things and wasting time to find what I need or what I want, but in this situation I want to be on top of everything that I am doing. I know for a fact I am going to get tired of not knowing where things are while I am in a different country.

I have a few more concerns but I have decided that I can't recall them at this moment, so they must not be that important. Alas, farewell.

Star Trek Movie Kicks Ass.

Watching the movie star trek probably was one of the best things I could do recently. Maybe taking vitamins or something along those lines, or going to sleep earlier are better for me, but alas I believe that watching such a movie was much more worth the time and energy spent sitting there, than taking time and energy (or regaining of energy) to do things better for myself or my body. This movie was.. I'm sorry but I can't describe it as anything other than orgasmic (I try and stay away from sexual terms while I'm posting for Tiffany Shaw reads this, and I feel like she doesn't want to read such things.) the movie was absolutely amazing. After crying 4 times and then yelping when my eyes gazed upon Spock for the first time, and then smiling at the amusing banter that happened as well as "I'll be monitoring your frequency." The movie created an amazing feeling of emotions through the whole entire film. Oh don't worry I did not cry 4 times in a row, but slowly through the movie my heart was pulled out of my chest and then patched back in whenever there would be a moment of Kirk kicking ass. The movie creates not only a happy and sad roller coaster, but also allows the love for such characters as Spock, Bones, and Kirk to develop to the point in which I would try and marry every single one of the characters if they did actually exist. The movie did not have a giant love interest which actually in the long run made me happy. If there was a love interest included it would have ruined the movie and made me upset. The movie allowed the story and the characters come through instead of allowing there to be some stupid side thing like they did in the Dark Knight (WTF IS WITH THE GIRL OBSESSION IN THAT MOVIE YOU ARE F'IN BATMAN YOU HAVE NO FLAW AS SUCH!! anyway...) I am now going to buy the movie. It created the perfect balance of emotions evoked from my large heart.
Amazing movie.
No love interest = good.
Spock = Hot
Kirk = Hot.
Dark Knight annoyed me.
Roller coaster that ends happy is good.
I'm going to buy this movie.
And my final statement:


Ok so recently I have decided that I need to sleep more, and change my sleeping habits. I have absolutely horrible sleeping habits. I either sleep a large amount of sleep, or very little. This I admit is my fault, but I starting to get to the point that I can't help it. I have to go to sleep extremely late, or I have a very difficult time waking up at the time that I need to wake up. Probably makes no sense at all, but that is how my body has apparently been accustomed. I am extremely tired right now. Yet again, my fault. I was up rather late (I am not going to tell you the time.. I might get yelled at eventually.) and now I have the tired eyes syndrome. You don't know what that is? Let me inform you. It is when you have been deprived of sleep and you just want to go to sleep, and close your eyes because you are very groggy and your eyes are just slightly drooped. Might not happen to you, but trust me. It happens to me and it is not fun. I still want to go to sleep, and I have been awake for about 3 hours. Shouldn't morning grouchy-ness be gone by now? Gawd I love being this tired( not really).

My humor is better though, thankfully. Because at this point of exhaustion I am just giggling about anything that can be taken dirty. It might not be amusing to you. But to me, it is hilarious. Which might not be a good thing, but I don't honestly care right now. Even though small things are not that funny to the average person, with my lack of sleep the small things just make me smile and giggle.

Aside from getting sleep I have also decided that I want to change a few things in my life. I feel like an imbecile half the time because I don't know really anything about the news or international news. This information bothers me. I want to be more informed about national and international news. I believe that I'm going to start reading the sites such as BBC and New York Times. Now, I realize that this might not work, but I think I can do it! I had someone ask me about Maine republicans and they tried having a discussion with me about it. And well... honestly I could not say anything really about the whole topic, because I had no clue what recently happened.