All my life, I have been given the whole " your too smart", " your really smart" and all that stuff when it comes to school. I honestly don't try half the time, because well to put it blunt. I am bored. Sitting in math class I'm bored, and its not because I just don't want to listen, it is because I just.. am really bored. It is all way too easy for me. My problem is I make small mistakes, which make problems. But aside from those small mistakes, I am bored. I don't do things when I am bored. Honestly I am WAY too ADD for that. I just.. try and focus, but lets be honest, it does not work half the time. I need to learn to focus, and that is my problem. I'm tired of hearing the your too smart talk, and I'm tired of the... why arn't you doing this? I don't know, I honestly don't know why I'm not doing it. I think its because I CANT FOCUS! And its a problem!

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  1. Don't focus. Just space out, because honestly? You'll get the same results as paying attention if you just sit there in a half-dazed state, mindlessly jotting down notes.

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