Eating Habits.

Eating is a thing humans do hopefully every single day( I say hopefully because I know that some people have eating disorders which is nasty business.. Anyway) Recently eating habits has been brought out in my life. HOLD IT IMMA BURN MY GRILLED CHEESE!

Nevermind it is all good. Anyway as I was saying food has been a big topic lately. For some reason there is being more and more news about food and people eating unhealthy food, at least that is the feeling I keep getting with this new law being passed about calories on menus.

Now that food is the topic my question now arises. What causes people to eat what they eat and why don't they eat certain things?

Vegetarians don't eat meat. Some cheat this by saying fish isn't meat or chickens because it isn't red meat, or even crustaceans So technically to some vegetarians there is only one type of animal that people eat which is red meat.. Which makes no sense at all. Then there are those extreme vegetarians who surpass the title of vegetarian and gain the title of vegan. (Where did this word even originate from? Did they think because it is vegetarian without the stuff in the middle they took out the 'etari' in vegetarian to make vegan?)
I respect vegans. A little bit more then I respect vegetarians. Being a vegan means true dedication. It might not be 100% healthy for their systems but all the same I still respect them.

Then there are those who eat EVERYTHING. Trust me when I know these people. I work at target in the food avenue. (which is technically pizza hut and all..) I stand behind the counter and I don't even eat half the things that we sell. I have people order items that are so extremely bad for them I don't understand how their bodies can take it. I had a child as me to put the nacho cheese on his hot-dog for him. (I am personally bias against hot-dogs in general so this might seem more outrageous to me.) In addition to that and a few other things he got I just didn't understand how he could eat that much food, and how his body could withstand that many calories.

We recently put up the calories on our menu board and so far nobody has seemed to notice that a combo of pasta, breadsticks, and a soda is approximately 1400 calories. The average person should eat about 2000 calories per day to be healthy. They just ate over half of the calories that they should eat in one sitting.

But then aside from those who limit their food because of morals, and those who don't limit in any matter there are those who are on a diet. Honestly I didn't think that dieting would be healthy for your body. But these people are so far the best people to serve food to. This is because when they buy things I don't feel horrible about how much food they are eating. Nor do I feel bad about not having a large amount of food that they can eat because most things that we sell have animals in them.

People overall need to watch how much food they eat. It is just crazy how much crappy food people eat. Now now if you see me sitting there eating foods that are not good for me and high in calories. I am a good exception. I don't eat much food in general and when I do eat I normally eat something high in calories, but not a huge amount of it. I don't remember the last time I fully finished eating one of those pasta dishes alone. I have eaten one thing today, and I probably will not eat again until later tonight during my break at work. sounds bad? I know.

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