Being busy is stupid.

I am officially tired of being busy. I have been working like a crazy person and I have decided that I am not ready to be an adult. I would much rather watch DailyGrace all day, eat gummy worms or something along those line or munch on some lobster.

I have been working at my local target and I love being there. It is a great place to work. The pay is pretty good, the people are super nice, and if there are any problemos it is easy to take care of them. But I am just so tired of working. I am really not used to being an adult yet. I mean I might be technically an adult but I really just want to sit around doing nothing, like I have been doing today.

I don't know why I feel so busy but then again college is coming up and that is really making me stressed out. I'm going to an awesome college with some awesome people who I have already been talking to on Facebook. I'm like in love with one girl who is going to be living two doors down from me, because she is almost my twin- mentally.

In addition to this twin being awesome she has shown me my most recent addition, which is DailyGrace. I love her so much, she is freaking hilarious and makes me happy. We have almost the same personality and in addition to that she has the same name as me.

The resultant of me loving her so much has made me view her videos like these:
My personal Fave:

And then the 2nd best one ever:

'Chuting is amazing.

Anyway because of my new found obsession with Dailyhasanawesomenamethatisthesameasmine.

I have started a new blog. Dedicated to DailyGrace happenings in my life.
That is the link. Watch it. Subscribe. Read.

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