Ok, this is my second attempt at this post. Why? Because the post before was absolutely horrible. Anyway. I have an undieing love for the instant messaging program called skype. I find it an absolutely amazing program and I hold it close to my heart (just like some people are with their Ipads). It is an amazing program that allows people to instant message, video chat, audio chat, and send files with ease. It is like the better version of MSN, and AIM, in my personal opinion. It is completely amazing. But alas my undieing love might actually come to an end. This is because the newest beta version of skype came out recently, and I must say I highly dislike it. It is in the danger zone.

What is the danger zone you might ask? Well. In Grace talk the danger zone is when they start to take away the different features in which I love that the program has. Example, AOL aim, I would use often, but once it got to the stages of having one instant message window for all. I hated it and it became danger zone. I switched to ichat soon after, which was a relief but sadly aim for me is no more.

Anyway Skype is changing a lot of things, for the worse and for the better. I think that the skype people need to realize that the old version of skype is completely awesome and there should still be the classic version of mac skype, that has the newest features like group video chatting. Otherwise this will really bother me. I highly dislike not being able to change the size of my conversation windows, as well as having my contacts on the same window as my chats. I feel like the program is slipping more away from ease of use but to simplicity which causes usage problems. It might be because I am such an active user, and I dislike massive change in my programs.

I feel mean to skype today, to be honest though. Because I just sit there and am sending them more and more response things which are small things, but then I connect a small thing I dislike to another thing that isn't working which causes a big problem. I just feel like I am harassing the skype employees.

But it is their job. I honestly just wish they would hire me to test out the programs because I am a teenager still, I am able to change things for the better. I know how teenagers think and we are the future. If you want your programs to flourish get the teenagers involved. Have them honestly test out the products, because we are the future and we are the ones who will eventually cause things like AIM to go out of fad and no longer used.

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