After reading the books, and watching 2 of the 3 movies currently out. I have officially decided my opinion of Twilight:
Twilight is the worst piece of crap I have ever read and the biggest waste of my time. Anyone who is a serious twilight fan makes me shake my head with disgust.
Ok. So first if you are one of those few who have not read or watch twilight please pat yourself on the back right now. Second I will give you a short explanation from a bias point of view what happens in twilight. Bella( Described as a girl with mousy hair and a olive coloured skin tone who is very self contentious, not very popular, and insecure with everything about herself.) moved in with her Dad after her mother marries another man. While going to school she meets the Cullens( A family of vampires.). The Cullens have a "son" in the family named Edward( Described in the book as a man who has a subtle beauty to him with pale skin that some women would have died for in the 1800's.) Edward at first doesn't like Bella because the smell of her blood taunts him, and being a vampire he wants to suck her blood. Eventually they fall into a petty teenage "love" where they want to be together but because he is dangerous to her he leaves her to be alone. While alone Bella falls again for another "beautiful" boy named Jacob( Who happens to be a werewolf.). From there on there is a continue of who she is going to pick, Jacob or Edward. In the end she chooses Edward, he gets her preggo and as the baby slowly kills her other vampires go after her life, and when she gives birth Edward changes her into a Vampire and the baby survives and they live happily ever after.

My reasons for highly disliking the books:
The plot takes advantage of the teen girls who believe they are in love with a strange and different man. It also takes advantage of those who are depressed, suicidal, and immature girls who believe that telling people their "suicidal" thoughts will get them attention.
The book is slightly well written except for the fact that the whole book needs to have ... in... between... each... word... because... that is the impression they author is apparently trying to convey with the movie. The book though does not have any actual plot.. wait back that up, it does have a plot. But the plot takes the thoughts of a teenager, who wants to have sex with a vampire and a werewolf, and explodes it into sparkling men, and girls who will have adrenalin rushes to imagine that the one they love cares. The whole book gives the impression that nobody is going to like Bella but as a matter of fact she has an admirer by the 5th chapter of the book.
The book overall does not make sense and the 4th book just makes me want to go throw up with how she becomes pregnant and then the baby is slowly killing her. I just find that screwed up.

The reasons why I didn't like the movie:
First of all, all that has been spoken of about the plot for the movies/books still stands. I don't like it, and it takes advantage of young girls and their innocent minds. Second, I absolutely hate that the characters descriptions from the book took a complete turn and they just said "screw the book we just want people who are ugly." Robert Patterwhatshisname should not be in the roll of Edward. My first reason is he does not look like he is suppose to, and my second reason is that he looks like a foot. You all know this opinion is completely true and you are even nodding your head that he does in fact look like a foot.

Bella also does not look like a mousy girl with olive skin tone. I don't understand. Whoever did casting for this movie did a absolutely horrible job.
Another thing that really bothered me about the movie was that randomly when Bella would be standing there she would get out of breath. Maybe that is just bad acting, or it is what she was directed to do, but I feel like she should have at least ran somewhere before you got out of breath. Another complaint I had of the movie was that for some reason nobody, but I believe the dad, could reply like a normal person. I have a feeling the script was written like this... because... that... is... the... only... way... they... could... have... had... a... 2... second... delay... between... each... word............................ The movie got really annoying when you would sit there for what a normal conversation would take 2 minutes, took the movie 10 minutes to portray. I don't understand it at all. It still makes no sense to me.

I have a few more reasons I highly dislike twilight, but alas I am extremely tired and I am going to sleep. I might add more later when I am in a ranting mood.

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