So I'm going to Greece. Exciting huh?! I am really excited to go but I have a few things I need to think over before I go on my trip. Most of the preliminary thoughts are already taken care of, this is because I was suppose to go to Greece in April, but alas I could not because a freaking volcano erupted. You see all that ash? That is what stopped me from boarding my flight and going on my merry way to a different country. Away from small town Maine. Anyway!

I already have figured a few things out, which would be camera memory cards, and batteries, and even converters for my camera battery charger. I have all those things figured out. But a few problems in my mind have come up because of the change.

In April the weather is a nice sunny and warm temperature, not a hell and not a blizzard. But I am now going in August. Guess which of those two I am probably going to face while I am in Greece. Hell. Checking the weather now, 6 days in advanced the weather for the 10th-14th so far says approx. highs in 94˚F and lows in 75˚F. The highest Maine has had this summer was approx. 87˚F with humidity. Thankfully though while I read the weather I look and smile, because it says that it should not be humid AT ALL. I would much rather have a dry heat, then have a really hot humid time. Humid is not my friend nor will it ever be my friend. I am not looking forward to such heat.

Another concern that I have would be is my clothing. Because of such great heat that I will be dealing with, I don't know if I have the correct clothing to wear. Being a person from Maine I don't really know the full effects of things such as mid ninety degree (f) weather. But I also do not know the effects of a dry heat, that I really am praying to have no humidity, yet again humidity is not my friend, nor will it ever be. I don't feel as if I have enough shorts to be comfortable on the trip, and my mother keeps saying to me that I should wear the dresses that we bought. Yes I want to wear the dresses, but I don't want to wear a dress every single day that I am there. I would also like to wear shorts I am comfortable in, and not shorts that are considered "short shorts." Ah clothing, why must it always be on a chick's mind. I do not want to be a tourist, who is sweating their balls off in pictures. This does not look good. Exibit A would be to the left. And exibit B would be to the right. I do not want to look this way. I do believe I might pack one pair of pants, but that is just in case I absolutely need them, as well as sweat pants that I do believe is completely necessary.

Another concern that I have is if I am bringing too much stuff. I feel like I might be bringing a rediculious about of things, as well not bringing the things I need. I don't know what type of clothing to bring but I am going to try and look at it realistically and say "Am I really going to wear this?" I don't want to bring an excessive amount of cloths with me. I do believe that I am going to take my mother's bag instead of my own with me to Greece. This is because the bag holds a CRAPLOAD more than my bag does. BUT also because this bag has a lot more compartments then my bag. I really want to try and stay organized while I am there in Greece, because most of the time I am looking through things and wasting time to find what I need or what I want, but in this situation I want to be on top of everything that I am doing. I know for a fact I am going to get tired of not knowing where things are while I am in a different country.

I have a few more concerns but I have decided that I can't recall them at this moment, so they must not be that important. Alas, farewell.

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