Star Trek Movie Kicks Ass.

Watching the movie star trek probably was one of the best things I could do recently. Maybe taking vitamins or something along those lines, or going to sleep earlier are better for me, but alas I believe that watching such a movie was much more worth the time and energy spent sitting there, than taking time and energy (or regaining of energy) to do things better for myself or my body. This movie was.. I'm sorry but I can't describe it as anything other than orgasmic (I try and stay away from sexual terms while I'm posting for Tiffany Shaw reads this, and I feel like she doesn't want to read such things.) the movie was absolutely amazing. After crying 4 times and then yelping when my eyes gazed upon Spock for the first time, and then smiling at the amusing banter that happened as well as "I'll be monitoring your frequency." The movie created an amazing feeling of emotions through the whole entire film. Oh don't worry I did not cry 4 times in a row, but slowly through the movie my heart was pulled out of my chest and then patched back in whenever there would be a moment of Kirk kicking ass. The movie creates not only a happy and sad roller coaster, but also allows the love for such characters as Spock, Bones, and Kirk to develop to the point in which I would try and marry every single one of the characters if they did actually exist. The movie did not have a giant love interest which actually in the long run made me happy. If there was a love interest included it would have ruined the movie and made me upset. The movie allowed the story and the characters come through instead of allowing there to be some stupid side thing like they did in the Dark Knight (WTF IS WITH THE GIRL OBSESSION IN THAT MOVIE YOU ARE F'IN BATMAN YOU HAVE NO FLAW AS SUCH!! anyway...) I am now going to buy the movie. It created the perfect balance of emotions evoked from my large heart.
Amazing movie.
No love interest = good.
Spock = Hot
Kirk = Hot.
Dark Knight annoyed me.
Roller coaster that ends happy is good.
I'm going to buy this movie.
And my final statement:

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