Miley Cyrus.

Today it has been brought to my attention the ridiculousness of this music video.

Though some people might not realize, and are not that observant but.. That is Miley Cyrus.
I just want to point of some things that really bother me about this video.
List begins here:
... Avis Cyrus .... no more needs to be said about that one.
Bumpits? Is that what you are using, because you have a biggg ass thing on your head.
Britney Spears like?
Where the hell did the people come from?
Is she even an adult?... like of age?
Disney to Sexy is way to drastic.
Where the hell did the wings go after the first like.. minute and a half?

A few parts of the lyrics I just need to point out:
" I go through guys like money flyin’ out their hands"
"If I see my reflectiona bout my intentions
I’ll tell ya I’m not here to sell ya
Or tell ya to get to hell"
"I’m not a trick you play, I ride a different way
I’m not a mistake, I’m not a fake, It’s set in my DNA"

.... You are not fake? Wots dis you say?
cuz the lyrics just said that you, Miley, Go through guys quite fast, and that you will tell guys off? And why was swearing necessary? Disappointed.

Let us compare with her other lyrics:
"Relationship we shared
It was awesome,
But we lost it
It's not possible for me, not to care "
I see a sudden change in her feeling toward relationships?

"so hard with my girls not around me
It's definitely not a Nashville party
'Cause all I see are stilettos
I guess I never got the memo"
I dunno... from the sex appeal in the other video and talking about guys such, and this. I dunno.

Overall. Miley you need to calm down when it comes to growing up you are still underage, you are being a stupid teenage girl. Exibit A: ----- >
Now.. I understand that you are a teenager, but I don't understand how you can think that taking such pictures of one self is going to help your career. I never taken pictures in such a manner, I had self respect. So why would you ever do that?!

I don't understand your mind, I don't like your singing, but that is just my personal opinion. Nothing against you, but I am getting tired of Miley Cyrus in the news for being riskay and doing stupid things. Do sexy videos in a bit, but don't go from one extreme to the other!!! Work your way there slowly. You don't wanna do a Britney, and so far.. that is were you are headed.

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  1. Quahnah says:

    I Agree 100% With Grace (:

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