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So.. tonight I am being linked a large amount of music videos from different countries, which I'm like cool! I have no idea what they are saying.. but really overall I have decided that these music videos are really amusing, and really funny... and odd. So I was interested and the music was really kinda cool and there was one that was the lyrics talking about just dancing. And I was happy when I heard that the lyrics were not perverted.

But then I got to this one music video.

And honestly, I was not sitting here watching most of the music videos.. some I was, some I was not. But I just happened to switch to the tab in which this music video was playing on, and I saw a bunch of topless guys dancing.. and I was slightly confused and had to start the music video over again. This music video probably is one of the most confusing things I have ever watched. And I haven't even watched the full thing. I have watched parts of it, but so far the first shot of the music video is just of a girl's ass and then it is this guy who really is trying WAY too hard to be gangsta dancing with a girl, no big deal... I decide it is meh but I listen to the music anyway..

Ok... so I just watched it over. I'm watching this.. and hes dancing with the girl, but then he pushes the girl away to dance with a guy. Which I don't really care, but now that I think about it the lyrics sound like "shake your bootay man" in my mind... and I mean. Gay or not, it doesn't bother me.. but I think the people linking this to me should have at least wanted me of the amount of hip thrusting that this video has.. because I just stopped to look and this time I saw a "gym" scene with a yoga class of all guys thrusting their lower regions. Yet again.. I have no problem with this, but normally here in the US the music videos don't have men thrusting upon men... so it just seemed odd to me how... blatant the music video was. I still would like a warning next time.

Oh! Amusing! I said amusing! I mean.. the other music videos were kinda cool! they made me smile with some of the bright wigs I saw and such. yea.. I'm too distracted by the fact that they didn't warn me of the hip thrusting.. See ya.

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