Dreams and interesting things.

So I'm really bored, I'm not tired even though it is currently 4:23 AM. But.. I'm skyping, with another sleep deprived person and we are discussing a lot of really interesting things.

One interesting topic would have to be dreams. He was telling me about how he hates when you have lucid dreams while you are sick, because he took most of the pillows in the house that were not being used. And in his dream apparently the pillows were running a election to which one should be under his head.. and he apparently switched pillows throughout this dream.

Which reminds me of one dream.. that really kinda scarred me in my childhood. There was a witch who had a giant pot, and for some reason everyone I knew was in a line with their animals, and they were putting their animals in the pot.. and my parents were in the line, I was really upset because I didn't want to put my dog Molly in the pot.

I also remember another dream that for some reason my old house had a faucet on the back, and for some reason I turned it and I started to flood the Earth with a large amount of water, and I wanted to save everyone.. but I couldn't turn the faucet the right way to turn it off, I kept turning it the other way.

Another interesting thing that I learned about would be cars, I learned what the difference between a V8, and a W8 engine types, which I learned that the letter is the set up of the pistons, and the number is the amount of pistons that there are. As well as a car should be a light car to be fast, and well.. a spoiler adds traction, and "creates down force" on the car so that the car's rear end won't go up to the sky. And another thing is, engins are measured liters because it is the amount of displacement in the cylinders.

I'm not that tired, but I might go to bed soon, I don't know yet.. But I thought dreams were an interesting topic. I would go more in depth, but I am currently tired.

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