Society: Part 1. (cuz I know I will write more eventually)

Why are we the way we are today? Why do we act the way we act today? When we think of how we act and how we are today we are formed by the people around us. We really are not ourselves most of the time because we form to the way other people want us to be. We change who we are so that we are accepted by society, even though we tell everyone to be themselves and encourage people to be an individual. Isn't this a bit contradictory? We change to be like everyone else because that is what society wants us to be, and yet they encourage people to be different? If a person tries to be what society wants, and what they want to be, then it is going to be very hard for them, and feat if they succeed.

I don't feel like myself most of the time, sad to say. But honestly, I try to be liked by people more than I am myself, which is hard, because the people who know the true me, and have spent enough time with me encourage me to stop trying, and just be myself. But honestly it is a lot harder then one might think to.. stop being what one might think society wants people to be.

So overall, I need to be more myself, and I need to stop trying to be someone different, because other people's opinions do not matter, just the opinion I have of myself. Also, last thought: Society is f'n weird.

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  1. Be yourself... just like everyone else. For a change, try conforming.

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