yea... I'm still living.

Ok Ok, I know I have been behind on posting on my blog... ok I will admit it, I gave you all the hope that these blog posts were going to end.. but no... sorry they are not. I just have.. slacked.
A lot.
Maybe even a bit more then a lot.
Anywayy! lets just go along like you have all forgiven me, and there is nothing wrong with me not posting for like.. a long long time.

I'm gonna stop reminding you of that.
Anyway what should I write about? If you can't tell right now I'm writing down my complete thoughts. Though this might be slightly entertaining to you.. I'm gonna assume its not and ponder what I should write about for a moment, and give myself some time to press the enter button a few times.

I just realized... even though I might make some of you smile and maybe even chuckle a bit. My friend Spencer, is not going to laugh over any of this.. except for maybe this comment. Anyway back to my thoughts!

So I just looked up at the television, and it was showing me some prison thing with celebritys in it.. And I thought to myself 'I wonder what the people in jail say when celebritys arrive there... are they awe struck... or do they go I TOTALLY MET PARIS HILTON! when they get out of jail'
I mean honestly, if you think about it.. are they the type of people who are like.. hey cool its Paris Hilton, or are they the type of person who is like.. Paris! Paris!!! Can I get your autograph!? OR are they the type of person who gets out of jail and is like "DUDE! I totally met paris hilton!" and then asked where they are like.. "Ummm.... in jail?" How could they honestly pull that off.

More thinking..

Soup is delicious. Honestly.. i love soup. I had my friend critizise me for eating soup.. they told me its like... drinking a sandwich.. which now that I think about it would be splended.

Now my ranting is done. I might give you another blog post later on about how often I see satire. I am watching tv and finding it all so amusing..
Farewell non-existant readers. Talk to you later.

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  1. I'm a reader.

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